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Grant Lancaster has been behind a lens since he was 10 years old. His father, a photographer turned physicist, always lamented the moment he "put down the camera bag in exchange for a diaper bag". So naturally, once Grant was old enough to not intentionally break a camera of his own, his father found an even greater joy by bringing him on photography trips with his old 35mm Canon AE-1, and teaching him to capture the world.

As a young artist in his early 20's focusing on careers in other mediums - seeking a Masters Degree in Acting and a career in entertainment - photography was something he professionally kept at arms length to retain a sense of purity, wonder and joy. However over time, he found work in all forms of the craft; from weddings to headshots, portraits for fellow artists, and working for travel magazines. Since then, he has worked for major fashion brands, celebrities and publications. He now focuses on Fine Art Photography, selling his work from his travels to collectors of all kinds.

When working with clients, his experience as an actor, educator, director and storyteller both on stage and screen, provides him with a specific vernacular to collaborate toward a mutual vision; to make his clients feel at ease, lower any residual self awareness and feel empowered in front of the camera. "Finding the fun" in what we do, always being a guiding light. After all, if photography is about capturing moments, why not seek what's truly underneath each moment we capture!


Grant seeks the privilege and joy of examining, honoring and documenting the present moment as it is before him, and looks forward to being present with you and your vision, whatever that may be.

grant lancaster photographer
Grant Lancaster photographer
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